I use gloves

And I'd like to try ...

... the Unigloves range of gloves. Try any style for free from our disposable and reusable glove styles.

Remember, for business users:

  • Our gloves are available to try for free
  • Disposable packs contain small, medium and large gloves
  • Reusable samples contain 1 pair (select size)
  • Select up to five different gloves
I use gloves

I buy and/or sell gloves

And I'd like samples ...

... either A) to give away to my customers or B) for the wearers in my business.

Remember Unigloves:

  • Can provide samples for your customers or wearers
  • Offers a glove trial service
  • Consults with you to discuss and plan an audit or trial
  • Will work around your diary for a convenient time to discuss this further
I buy/sell gloves