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What is a Hand & Arm Protection Survey?

The Unigloves Hand & Arm Protection Survey (HAAPS) is a free service provided by Unigloves to help your workplace select the best safety glove solution. Choosing the most appropriate glove for any application means considering the following:

  • Worker safety
  • Workplace productivity
  • Value for money
  • Glove performance

During our HAAPS, one of our glove experts will partner with you to determine to ideal work glove or gloves for your workplace, taking into account each of these factors.


Why does my business need a HAAPS?

25% of all workplace injuries involve the hands, fingers, thumbs, and wrists. When an unsuitable glove is worn in the workplace, your business risks the safety of workers, lost productivity due to injury, and possible legal ramifications. A HAAPS will ensure that your workers are protected, that productivity is maintained and that they can perform tasks effectively.

A HAAPS from Unigloves will help you choose the ideal glove solution for all allocated work areas and applications and ensure:

  • The gloves provide adequate protection against the risks involved
  • The gloves do not unnecessarily obstruct workers’ hands
  • A cost-effective solution is found based on your workplace’s requirements
  • The proper fit and feel are achieved for maximum comfort and safety
  • Safety considerations such as allergies and sensitivities are addressed


These statistics show how important it is to find the best glove solution in the workplace:


How will my business and workers benefit from a HAAPS?

Increased safety awareness and compliance:
By involving your workers in the process by consulting with them about their needs, risks faced, and preferences for gloves, you can improve productivity, safety awareness, and compliance. Your workers’ opinions, preferences, and first-hand experiences will go on to form part of your risk assessment (however, this does not replace the need for an official risk assessment).

Professional risk management advice: Our glove experts have bespoke training on safety gloves and experience in conducting HAAPS. The Unigloves expert(s) will look at the risks present in your workplace, evaluate your current safety glove solution, and find appropriate alternatives if necessary. The HAAPS is offered as guidance and risk management advice at no obligation and is free of charge.

Regulatory compliance: Is your business compliant with the HSE regulations for worker safety and PPE? Unigloves HAAPS will help your business determine the level of compliance required and will offer safety glove solutions to ensure your workplace meets these regulatory compliance obligations.

Enhanced safety and reduced injury levels: Unigloves’ HAAPS will help you to select the best gloves for each workstation and application in your workplace, based on the risks present, as well as the types of tasks that your workers need to carry out. This may result in enhanced safety for your workplace, with fewer injuries.

Reduced downtime due to sick leave: Sick leave and downtime due to injury or inappropriate and inadequate safety gloves result in huge business costs. Reduce downtime and sick leave in your workplace by ensuring your workers’ gloves provide adequate protection, fit correctly, are comfortable to wear, and don’t obstruct workers’ hands.

Greater productivity: Selecting the right safety glove results in reduced instances of injury and means workers are better able to perform tasks thanks to properly fitting, comfortable gloves that enhance productivity.

Greater value for money: The cheapest glove is not always the most cost-effective. Our glove expert will ensure that the gloves you select provide excellent value for money, whether disposable gloves or heavy duty reusable gloves from the Nitrex range, saving you both money and time.


What happens in a HAAPS?

One of our glove experts will visit your site and survey work areas that require hand protection. The data gathered will include the frequency of use, conditions of use, materials in contact, user feedback, typical working temperatures, and more. The captured data is then entered into the Unigloves HAAPS System, which recommends the optimal glove solution for the assessed work areas. Unigloves will then work with you to trial the potential hand protection solution to gain further insight and reassess if necessary.



How much of my/our time is required?

Depending on the number of workstations, your input will be required. We aim to make this process as quick and efficient as possible while ensuring a thorough survey.

How long will it take?

On average, a HAAPS takes around 2 hours.

When can I schedule a HAAPS?

We require about two weeks’ notice to schedule a HAAPS for your workplace.

Will we receive a report and/or presentation?

Yes, you will receive a full report in PDF format by email. We will also provide you with samples to help you better understand our recommendations.

What is covered by the report/presentation?

  • Date, site location, contact details of the survey
  • Description of workstations & images
  • Risks present in the workplace
  • Current solution
  • Current solution suitability
  • Recommended alternative, if any

Will the survey be conducted on-site, over multiple sites, or online?

Our expert will survey all sites where hand protection is required.

How will I know if the survey has been beneficial?

The report and subsequent trials and reassessments will help you to determine the success of the survey and our recommendations.

Unigloves’ HAAPS will help you ensure worker safety, enhance productivity, and ensure the best value for money when selecting safety gloves. Get in touch with our team today to schedule a HAAPS or find out more information.


Safety and compliance:
This data-driven approach leads to improved working practices and greater worker protection and safety to ensure your compliance with safety regulations.

Industry experts: Unigloves has over 30 years of experience in guiding workplaces in glove selection.


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