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Download a copy of our glove size chart here

Why does correct glove size matter?

Comfort should be a priority when shopping for work gloves or disposable gloves. Gloves will only fit well and feel comfortable if you have the right size.

Importantly, if a glove is too tight it will be uncomfortable and may restrict movement, requiring more effort to undertake simple tasks which can lead to hand fatigue, even over short periods of time.

Equally, if a glove is too loose there can be a safety issue as it can slip off, get snagged in equipment or make handling difficult or uncertain. 


How to determine your glove size:

Glove sizing can be a little more complicated than you might expect, so to help you measure glove size accurately, here’s a simple process to follow.

When determining glove size, you want to find a specific inch number. Here’s how to find your glove sizing inch number:

  • Measure around

Wrap a fabric tape measure around the widest part of your hand. When measuring for glove size, you should always use your dominant hand — your right hand if you’re right-handed and left if left-handed. The tape measure should wrap over the top of your hand and across your palm at its widest point. Record the size of your hand at this point in inches.

  • Measure length-wise

Once you’ve measured around, it’s time to measure lengthwise. Spread your hand and fingers and place the tape measure at the tip of your middle finger. Then stretch the tape measure down to the base of your hand, holding it taut where your wrist begins. Again, record the length of your hand at this point in inches.

  • Choose the larger number and round it up

Now you have two figures in inches. It’s time to choose the larger figure and round up. For example, the measurement around your hand may be 5½ inches, and the lengthwise measurement of your hand may be 6¾ inches. In this case, you would take the 6¾ figure and round it up to 7. That means your glove size is a 7.

  • Convert as needed

Many manufacturers size gloves by extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large instead of by numbers. If this is the case for the gloves you need to purchase, you’ll need to convert your measurement using a glove size chart.



Glove Size Chart Download