Unigloves® Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update, V5

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted people throughout the world. At Unigloves, we are doing our part to help prevent the further spread of the virus, while also supporting the needs of our customers, end users, employees and communities.

The current situation

The Malaysian movement control order (MCO), first imposed on 18th March to control the spread of coronavirus, was extended four times until 9th June and affected the output of Unigloves' three factories in Malaysia.

PPE manufacturers across Malaysia are now in the recovery phase as part of the country's exit strategy from the MCO. We are still catching up from the MCO and our supply cannot meet the new level of demand.

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Our production is working as efficiently as possible and every day our products protect more than 4 million people.

What we have been doing

Over the past 100 days of lockdown, we have prioritised safety – whether for our workforce or our customers and end users.

We are continually monitoring the evolving situation and adapting our efforts and responses and have taken the following measures:

  • Business travel restrictions are in place for all employees.
  • Unigloves has asked most office-based employees to work remotely. This includes employees based at the company's global headquarters in Malaysia, as well as in locations around the world.
  • Where working from home is not possible (e.g. factories, distribution centres), we have provided employees with additional PPE and hand gels to help prevent coronavirus exposure.
  • Social distancing protocols have been established in all operating facilities.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols have been introduced at all sites that remain open.

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How we manage stocks and prices

In the UK we have managed to retain all our staff and are continually endeavouring to provide a high service to our existing customer base.

The pandemic has created an unprecedented increase in demand which has had an impact on both supply and price.

We produce a stock allocation report every month and allocate stock at the market rate to the healthcare service and our current customer base. During the pandemic, the market rate has been increasing month on month.

Unigloves focus is on our priority accounts and the UK’s health service. The plan is to continue this process, whilst trying to offer a fair service to as many of our customers as we possibly can.

Best practice for glove donning and doffing

If you're a healthcare professional or have decided to wear gloves while out and about, please watch our video to see the best practice for disposable glove donning (putting on) and doffing (removal).

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Thanks for your continued patience

Please be assured that at Unigloves, we are doing our best to guarantee a smooth supply and to try and minimise disruption to our distributors and end-users.

During these challenging times, we much appreciate your trust in us at Unigloves. A very appreciative Thank You once again for your continuing support.

We continue to monitor this situation and will publish more updates accordingly.


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