Unigloves® Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update V4

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Unigloves is continuing to see an unprecedented level of demand for our disposable gloves and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The current situation

The Malaysian PM recently announced a third extension to the movement control order (MCO), to the 12th of May, which has affected the output of Unigloves’ three factories in Malaysia.

PPE manufacturers in Malaysia and across the rest of the world are still catching up with backorders and in meeting the new level of demand.

What we've been doing

Over the past five weeks of lockdown over 85% of our UK workforce has worked from home and we continue to follow our government’s advice and keep our colleagues safe.

We announced unavoidable increases to our prices at the start of this month, reflecting changes in manufacturing costs and continue to monitor our supply chain to try and achieve the best value proposition.

Unigloves featured in the Queen’s Address to the Nation, given on the 5th of April. We were proud to see Unigloves being delivered to where it matters most, i.e. the NHS frontline.

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We are currently conducting a two-day stock take to ensure accuracy of current stock levels and in planning allocation of incoming shipments.

How we are going to work moving forward

As an interim measure, our production is adapting to larger runs with fewer product lines; however, we don’t expect to see stock levels returning to the pre-coronavirus levels until Quarter 4 of this calendar year. We strive to do our best by maintaining regular supplies to our key partners and are turning away all new business.

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We continue to allocate our supply on a pro-rata basis to what distributors ordered before the pandemic impacted our business, i.e. monthly average purchases from July 2019 to January 2020. We sustain our focus on NHS requirements and prioritise those linked directly to the coronavirus crisis, so we ask for your ongoing patience on this basis.

We are revisiting stock allocations on a fortnightly basis, in line with our incoming deliveries of stocks. Please be assured that we will do our utmost to supply our customers fairly.

A reminder for healthcare professionals

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If you’re a healthcare professional that needs disposable gloves to act as a barrier against the COVID-19 virus, please watch this animated guide on which gloves are suitable from the Unigloves’ range.

Thank you for your patience

Over the coming weeks, please be assured that we are doing our utmost to produce as many gloves as possible to guarantee as smooth a supply as possible for our distributors and end-users.

During these difficult times, we greatly appreciate your trust in us at Unigloves. A very appreciative Thank You once again for your continuing support.

We continue to monitor this situation and will publish more updates accordingly.

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