Unigloves® fraudulent trading warning

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Fraudulent trading warning-BI-Unigloves blog

Warning to our customers

Please be aware that we have had reports in the last couple of weeks of various scams relating to the supply of gloves.

Some involve companies trading under names similar to our group companies such as 'Unigloves Berhad', with fake documentation and website www.unigloves-bhd.com . Another fake website, we are aware of, is www.uni-gloves.com. Other activity includes various fraud distributors, who appear to be real companies, claiming to hold large quantities of our stock, usually in Holland, but also in the UK. They will typically provide our branded documents and certificates, and supply photos or videos purporting to show our gloves. We assume the aim is to secure deposits from prospective purchasers.

Examples of the photos of our products used in the scam are below:

As the sole manufacturer and distributor of 'Unigloves' branded products, we are very much aware of who holds our stock. If you receive correspondence – even if it looks like it is from your usual Unigloves contact - or if you are in any doubt at all as to whether what you are being offered is genuine, please phone our office in the UK on 0800 049 6602 or contact us via our website. As usual, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Our bank details

Note to our customers: our bank details haven't changed.

Help in spotting fake documentation

The British Safety Industry Federation's (BSIF) Guide to CE Documentation can be seen here.

If in doubt - please get in touch

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, or email marketing@unigloves.co.uk, if you see anything suspicious so that we can investigate it further.

Thanks in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

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