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When the best disposable glove is required, Unigloves’ Advanced series is the answer

The Unigloves’ Advanced series of disposable gloves is our promise to those who value their hands enough to demand the best quality disposable gloves available.

Advanced Processes

Designed to reflect the demands of the most exacting of industry sectors and benefiting from Unigloves’ proprietary extended hand-crafted manufacturing process, this range of gloves are significantly easier to don and remove without irritating the skin.

To ensure that we produce gloves that are truly suitable for the demands placed upon them, innovation plays a pivotal role in our design process. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive range of proprietary processes that are incorporated into our Advanced series of gloves:

  • Advanced gloves are washed for up to 3 times longer than regular examination gloves
  • Advanced gloves are chlorinated on both the inside and outside areas of the cuff to reduce tackiness and improve donning

However, there is one aspect that is common to all the Advanced series – our attention to detail. The Advanced series are subjected to an enhanced manufacturing process which is fundamental to creating an exceptionally clean, soft and low-allergy series of gloves.

Advanced-Brand-SymbolAdvanced Products

From the superior chemical and bio-hazard resistance of Stronghold to the unique low-modulus formulation of Zero, the first glove free from chemical accelerators, zinc and sulphur compounds, the Advanced series of gloves represents the very best in complex design suitable for use in the most demanding of environments.



High Level of Comfort

The Advanced series of gloves are more comfortable in use than standard gloves, even when worn for long periods, making the Advanced series the preferred choice for professionals seeking the ideal combination of comfort, dexterity and durability.

The Advanced Product Lineup

Each style of glove has been designed with unique attributes and it is these differentials that make the Advanced series of gloves so successful.


Kooltouch: exceptional strength coupled with superior flexibility,

maximising dexterity and sensitivity.




Stronghold: superior chemical and bio-hazard resistance.





Stronghold+: new from Spring 2019, an extended cuff version of Stronghold.




gm0023_supergrip_horizontal_-_low_resSupergrip: textured surface providing superior grip performance.





Zero: the first disposable glove free from chemical accelerators, zinc and sulphur compounds.




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