Not all gloves are created equal

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How Unigloves beat 11 others in an independent gloves test

Unigloves test winner

Car Mechanics magazine tests 12 disposable gloves

Rob Hawkins from Car Mechanics put 12 products through their paces. He examined 12 different disposable nitrile gloves, specially designed for use in the automotive sector.

The test methodology

Car Mechanics asked several professional mechanics and an MOT examiner to test the 12 gloves in their workplace for an 8 week period. The selected mechanics are high glove users and know what matters in a disposable glove.

We know from our own research that you mainly look for grip, comfort and durability. These features were also key for the test mechanics and helped them to give each product a score out of 10.

The test results

Launched earlier this year, the Best Buy 2018 award was given to Unigloves PRO.TECT Orange HD with an amazing score of 9/10. The raised Diamondgrip, silicone free and extra durability placed them ahead of the other automotive gloves on test.

What it means for you

When working in the automotive sector you can be confident that PRO.TECT Orange HD will provide you with the right level of protection against oil. These award winning gloves have optimal grip, non-marking properties and are made to last longer thanks to their heavy duty construction.

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To receive a free sample of PRO.TECT Orange HD please request a sample or call Unigloves Customer Service on 0800 049 6602 to find out where you can buy them.

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