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Unigloves Deborah Williams presents Unigloves antimicrobial gloves at The Future of Food Safety Conference

antimicrobial gloves

Reduce cross-contamination

Deborah Williams presented at the recent Food Safety Conference at the University of Salford, explaining that in the food industry, it is widely accepted that good hygiene is all about controlling harmful bacteria.

Contamination can have devastating effects not only on consumers but to businesses too.

Gloves are rightly seen as a necessary part in reducing risks of cross-contamination but it may surprise you to know that many gloves used in the food industry do not act as a reliable barrier against bacteria.

Selecting the right glove

Many products are now being manufactured to be antimicrobial and Unigloves are the first in Europe are the first in Europe to bring to market antimicrobial gloves to aid in combating bacteria.

Fortified alone will NOT eliminate bacteria but should be used as part of a HACCP plan to help reduce cross-contamination and bacterial growth spreading.

BioCote® technology

Two world leaders in their respective fields have combined their expertise to create Europe’s first bona fide antimicrobial gloves.

Unigloves new Fortified single use antimicrobial gloves incorporate silver ion technology from BioCote, which has been scientifically proven to destroy 90% of harmful bacteria within the first 15 minutes.

BioCote is proven effective against E.coli and Salmonella, antibiotic-resistant superbugs like MRSA, VRE, CPE and CRE, invasive fungi species such as Candida auris plus H1N1 influenza, H7N9 and the current Aussie/French flu strain.

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